Session Report

Test run at: 2016-07-03 13:36:27 GMT
Client Prefix (v4): 166.84.161.x/24
Client AS (v4): 2033 (PANIX)
Client Prefix (v6): 2001:470:xx::/40
Client AS (v6): 2033 (PANIX)
IPv6 Probes: 71
Outbound spoofing summary (from the client to our server)
Source address type IPv6
Private - ULA received
Routable received
Largest spoofable neighbor prefix length none
Spoof status key
receivedSpoofed packet was received.Pattern of tests from this IP block indicates a switch from allowing spoofing to blocking it.
rewrittenSpoofed packet was received, but the source address was changed en route.
blockedSpoofed packet was not received, but unspoofed packet was.
unknownNeither spoofed nor unspoofed packet was received.

IPv6 probes:

Spoofed source addressDestinationReceived
The results from all tests are aggregated to produce a summary "State of IP Spoofing" report.
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