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Customers of 6830 we have received spoofed packets from

This page lists the directly connected customers of AS 6830 from which we hav received a spoofed packet from, ordered by the number of prefixes of an inferred Ingress ACL derived from prefix announcements for the customer recorded in public BGP data. BCP-84 describes Ingress ACLs as "the most bulletproof solution when done properly" and the "best fit ... when the configuration is not too dynamic, ... if the number of used prefixes is low." Further detail about the size and dynamism of an inferred ACL is available by following the History link for each AS.

ASNCountryNumber of Prefixes
in Customer Cone
Number of ASes
in Customer Cone
27653hti (Haiti)21Historyreceived
20015chl (Chile)30Historyreceived
12502 (NEPUSTILNET-AS01)deu (Germany)123Historyreceived
52228cri (Costa Rica)131Historyreceived
33182 (DIMENOC)usa (United States)64244Historyreceived
27774hti (Haiti)10Historyblocked
31733 (RYA-AS)irl (Ireland)20Historyblocked
52260hti (Haiti)41Historyblocked
15480 (VFNL-AS)nld (Netherlands)60Historyblocked
10269blz (Belize)71Historyblocked
12876 (AS12876)fra (France)90Historyblocked
10292 (CWJAM)jam (Jamaica)342Historyblocked
29562 (KabelBW-ASN)deu (Germany)445Historyblocked
9143 (ZIGGO)nld (Netherlands)550Historyblocked
30689 (FLOW-NET)jam (Jamaica)825Historyblocked
24961 (MYLOC-AS)deu (Germany)1119Historyblocked
8048ven (Venezuela)15226Historyblocked
61440pan (Panama)1742Historyblocked
11139 (CWDOM)atg (Antigua and Barbuda)1775Historyblocked
6848 (TELENET-AS)bel (Belgium)25441Historyblocked
5541 (AdNet-Telecom)rou (Romania)562113Historyblocked
5089 (NTL)gbr (United Kingdom)2046324Historyblocked
27759hti (Haiti)24104Historyblocked
27665tto (Trinidad and Tobago)244913Historyblocked
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