Spoofing Information for AS 6830 (LibertyGlobal)

Spoofing status per IP block for last year of data

(Results for all dates also available.)
Spoof status key
receivedSpoofed packet was received.Pattern of tests from this IP block indicates a switch from allowing spoofing to blocking it.
rewrittenSpoofed packet was received, but the source address was changed en route.
blockedSpoofed packet was not received, but unspoofed packet was.
unknownNeither spoofed nor unspoofed packet was received.
IP blockLatest testSpoof
31.10.145.x/242022-12-18 10:54:23 GMTblockedblocked
31.10.146.x/242023-03-17 07:11:00 GMTblockedblocked
37.228.204.x/242023-12-02 10:14:24 GMTblockedblocked
46.140.107.x/242023-10-13 09:00:52 GMTrewrittenrewritten
77.56.1.x/242023-09-03 08:18:31 GMTrewrittenrewritten
77.56.4.x/242023-10-13 13:26:50 GMTrewrittenrewritten
84.75.196.x/242023-10-17 20:15:20 GMTrewrittenrewritten
85.216.184.x/242023-03-09 18:23:38 GMTrewrittenrewritten
89.64.84.x/242023-10-10 20:00:45 GMTblockedblocked
89.64.85.x/242023-12-02 19:41:12 GMTblockedblocked
89.64.86.x/242023-11-26 09:31:42 GMTblockedblocked
89.64.88.x/242023-09-26 15:11:09 GMTblockedblocked
89.65.120.x/242022-12-22 15:11:57 GMTblockedblocked
89.65.123.x/242023-04-06 06:27:27 GMTblockedblocked
89.65.124.x/242023-02-10 14:01:52 GMTblockedblocked
89.65.125.x/242023-12-06 07:40:05 GMTblockedblocked
89.65.126.x/242023-01-18 13:53:22 GMTunknownblocked
89.65.212.x/242023-01-11 12:47:19 GMTblockedblocked
89.65.215.x/242023-02-01 13:51:59 GMTblockedblocked
89.67.234.x/242023-10-23 21:18:42 GMTblockedblocked
89.72.149.x/242023-11-22 15:50:25 GMTrewrittenrewritten
89.100.140.x/242023-06-19 08:29:49 GMTrewrittenreceived
89.101.7.x/242023-06-06 10:13:52 GMTrewrittenrewritten
94.75.100.x/242023-12-01 10:22:38 GMTblockedblocked
213.134.189.x/242023-05-06 22:35:42 GMTblockedblocked
2a02:8084:46xx::/402023-09-26 10:14:33 GMTblockedblocked
2a02:a315:54xx::/402023-05-06 22:35:42 GMTblockedblocked

Customers of AS 6830 we have spoofer tests from

This is the list of directly connected customers of AS 6830 from which we have received a spoofer test, ordered by the customer's ability to send spoofed packets and the number of prefixes of an inferred ingress ACL derived from prefix announcements for the customer recorded in the latest month of public BGP data. BCP-84 describes ingress ACLs as "the most bulletproof solution when done properly" and the "best fit ... when the configuration is not too dynamic, ... if the number of used prefixes is low." Further detail about the size and dynamism of an inferred ACL is available by following the History link for each AS.

ASNCountryNumber of Prefixes
in Customer Cone
Number of ASes
in Customer Cone
15435 (KABELFOON)nld (Netherlands)524AS 15435 testsblocked
6848 (TELENET-AS)bel (Belgium)17225AS 6848 testsblocked
33915 (TNF-AS)nld (Netherlands)27029AS 33915 testsblocked
5089 (NTL)gbr (United Kingdom)41383AS 5089 testsblocked
1136 (KPN)nld (Netherlands)62746AS 1136 testsblocked

Address Space Announcement History

The customer cone for 6830 is too large for a prefix list to be useful.

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