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Customers of 43531 we have received spoofed packets from

This page lists the directly connected customers of AS 43531 from which we have received a spoofed packet from, ordered by the number of prefixes of an inferred Ingress ACL derived from prefix announcements for the customer recorded in public BGP data. BCP-84 describes Ingress ACLs as "the most bulletproof solution when done properly" and the "best fit ... when the configuration is not too dynamic, ... if the number of used prefixes is low." Further detail about the size and dynamism of an inferred ACL is available by following the History link for each AS.

ASNCountryNumber of Prefixes
in Customer Cone
Number of ASes
in Customer Cone
41495 (FAELIX-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)51Historyreceived
25178 (KEYCOM-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)81Historyreceived
45899 (VNPT-AS-VN)vnm (Vietnam)42458Historyreceived
134718 (OSDCOMPANYLIMITED-AS-AP)tha (Thailand)20Historyblocked
681 (ERX-KAWAIHIKO-1)nzl (New Zealand)50Historyblocked
42004 (ULGRP-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)70Historyblocked
55785 (MAXUM-AS-AP)nzl (New Zealand)91Historyblocked
34660 (IDAQ-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)102Historyblocked
203380 (DAInternationalGroup)gbr (United Kingdom)130Historyblocked
17705 (INSPIRENET-AS-AP)nzl (New Zealand)186Historyblocked
32329 (MONKEYBRAINS)usa (United States)203Historyblocked
25441 (IBIS-AS)irl (Ireland)212Historyblocked
45267 (LIGHTWIRE-AS-AP)nzl (New Zealand)224Historyblocked
28165bra (Brazil)4022Historyblocked
2529 (DEMON-INTERNET)gbr (United Kingdom)487Historyblocked
13037 (ZEN-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)5015Historyblocked
9143 (ZIGGO)nld (Netherlands)550Historyblocked
53264 (CDC)usa (United States)896Historyblocked
63949 (LINODE-AP)usa (United States)930Historyblocked
45758 (TRIPLETNET-AS-AP)tha (Thailand)10926Historyblocked
16276 (OVH)can (Canada)25327Historyblocked
28573bra (Brazil)2870Historyblocked
32780 (HOSTINGSERVICES-INC)usa (United States)44017Historyblocked
18403 (FPT-AS-AP)vnm (Vietnam)456134Historyblocked
45177 (LAYER2CO-AS-AP)aus (Australia)51480Historyblocked
15557 (LDCOMNET)fra (France)653101Historyblocked
16509 (AMAZON-02)usa (United States)8183Historyblocked
2856 (BT-UK-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)1033184Historyblocked
5089 (NTL)gbr (United Kingdom)2051323Historyblocked
3 (MIT-GATEWAYS)usa (United States)261026Historyblocked
3303 (SWISSCOM)che (Switzerland)2935727Historyblocked
12322 (PROXAD)fra (France)32598Historyblocked
12322 (PROXAD)fra (France)32598Historyblocked
9121 (TTNet)tur (Turkey)3403539Historyblocked
3292 (TDC)dnk (Denmark)3705656Historyblocked
26615bra (Brazil)4304707Historyblocked
3209 (VODANET)deu (Germany)4436255Historyblocked
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