Spoofing Information for AS 6461 (ZAYO-6461)

Spoofing status per IP block (all dates)

Spoof status key
receivedSpoofed packet was received.Pattern of tests from this IP block indicates a switch from allowing spoofing to blocking it.
rewrittenSpoofed packet was received, but the source address was changed en route.
blockedSpoofed packet was not received, but unspoofed packet was.
unknownNeither spoofed nor unspoofed packet was received.
IP blockLatest testSpoof
64.124.131.x/242017-03-09 23:55:31 GMTblockedblocked
64.124.174.x/242021-08-25 14:14:05 GMTblockedblocked
64.125.57.x/242021-06-17 16:28:55 GMTrewrittenrewritten
64.125.109.x/242020-02-14 01:18:40 GMTblockedblocked
64.125.170.x/242018-10-22 15:01:33 GMTblockedblocked
94.31.38.x/242017-06-07 14:39:28 GMTrewrittenrewritten
128.177.104.x/242017-11-04 17:12:23 GMTblockedblocked
173.46.64.x/242019-02-20 18:53:41 GMTrewrittenreceived
173.46.67.x/242016-10-24 05:15:23 GMTrewrittenrewritten
207.235.139.x/242024-01-11 18:04:17 GMTrewrittenblocked
208.184.3.x/242019-10-01 22:38:03 GMTblockedblocked
208.184.53.x/242017-10-24 23:47:43 GMTblockedreceived
208.184.100.x/242018-09-13 21:50:20 GMTblockedreceived
208.184.224.x/242019-04-15 13:25:21 GMTblockedreceived
208.185.18.x/242020-03-04 18:28:00 GMTrewrittenreceived
208.185.23.x/242017-09-07 13:09:46 GMTblockedblocked
208.185.155.x/242017-02-23 21:26:47 GMTblockedblocked
209.66.70.x/242019-12-14 18:41:21 GMTblockedblocked
209.66.74.x/242018-05-02 12:46:47 GMTblockedblocked
209.66.79.x/242019-11-07 16:25:19 GMTblockedblocked
209.133.84.x/242017-08-12 21:07:05 GMTblockedblocked
209.183.190.x/242021-02-03 18:31:42 GMTunknownblocked
209.249.11.x/242017-03-04 21:19:37 GMTblockedblocked
209.249.118.x/242017-07-20 23:09:34 GMTblockedblocked

Customers of AS 6461 we have spoofer tests from

This is the list of directly connected customers of AS 6461 from which we have received a spoofer test, ordered by the customer's ability to send spoofed packets and the number of prefixes of an inferred ingress ACL derived from prefix announcements for the customer recorded in the latest month of public BGP data. BCP-84 describes ingress ACLs as "the most bulletproof solution when done properly" and the "best fit ... when the configuration is not too dynamic, ... if the number of used prefixes is low." Further detail about the size and dynamism of an inferred ACL is available by following the History link for each AS.

ASNCountryNumber of Prefixes
in Customer Cone
Number of ASes
in Customer Cone
25853 (ELJY30540)usa (United States)352AS 25853 testsreceived
27364 (ACS-INTERNET)usa (United States)3812AS 27364 testsreceived
61461ven (Venezuela)5420AS 61461 testsreceived
4637 (ASN-TELSTRA-GLOBAL)hkg (Hong Kong)14272913741AS 4637 testsreceived
10745 (ARIN-ASH-CHA)usa (United States)40AS 10745 testsblocked
11039 (GWU)usa (United States)50AS 11039 testsblocked
11834 (DREXEL-ASN)usa (United States)50AS 11834 testsblocked
12876 (AS12876)nld (Netherlands)110AS 12876 testsblocked
8399 (SEWAN-FR)fra (France)300AS 8399 testsblocked
394996 (PAPERSPACE)usa (United States)340AS 394996 testsblocked
19165 (WEBPASS)usa (United States)431AS 19165 testsblocked
21928 (T-MOBILE-AS21928)usa (United States)472AS 21928 testsblocked
19318 (IS-AS-1)usa (United States)692AS 19318 testsblocked
5645 (TEKSAVVY)can (Canada)7611AS 5645 testsblocked
13285 (OPALTELECOM-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)14919AS 13285 testsblocked
803 (SASKTEL)can (Canada)15322AS 803 testsblocked
14265 (US-TELEPACIFIC)usa (United States)40440AS 14265 testsblocked
63023 (AS-GLOBALTELEHOST)deu (Germany)45121AS 63023 testsblocked
13213 (UK2NET-AS)gbr (United Kingdom)5009AS 13213 testsblocked
15164 (UPNLLC)usa (United States)1016162AS 15164 testsblocked
3737 (AS-PTD)usa (United States)140353AS 3737 testsblocked
20055 (AS-WHOLESAIL)usa (United States)1438170AS 20055 testsblocked
18734mex (Mexico)5716189AS 18734 testsblocked
812 (ROGERS-COMMUNICATIONS)can (Canada)262921234AS 812 testsblocked
9498 (BBIL-AP)ind (India)15482917711AS 9498 testsblocked

Address Space Announcement History

The customer cone for 6461 is too large for a prefix list to be useful.

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